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The quality and gone down a billion times during the upload. Watch the space for updates.

New stuff

I am due to have my new TV installed tomorrow. I hope it all goes smoothly.

I have two separate things to be installed on the same day:

The TV on the wall and then the SKY HD. Something is bound to go wrong.

Some Talent Show Cliches

"You owned the stage"

"You made the Song your Own"

"There was a certain Intensity"

"Your are what this show is all about"

I found them!

Childhood revisitedCollapse )

Aschenputtel/Cinderella in original language


Audio Excerpts from Merlin

Arthurian reasources

A bunch of Books I scanned in.

All are Zip files. Click on title picture to Download.

King Arthur - Comic - jpeg
*The story in Comic book form*

It's hereCollapse )
Made by me.